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Kids Fashion Week DMV Spring 2019

We all have ideas on ways we can improve the conditions of our society. We take notice of unfavorable situations and envision ways to improve upon them. Auntea Muhammad, Akilah Clark, and Crystal Davis co-founders of Kids Fashion Week DMV had such a vision. They saw the need for an institution that provided kids in the DMV area with the opportunity to pursue modeling, fashion, and other entertainment-based career goals. Thus, Kids Fashion Week DMV was born. On their quest to spread the word of this life-changing opportunity for kids, they reached out to us for promotional video content. The vision for this video was simple, work with a few child models including Kaliyah Howard and Sophia Love Worthy to create a short and sweet modeling montage. The goal was to use the content to promote their upcoming Inaugural Kids Fashion Show that they planned on having in Washington DC. The promotion was successful and the show sold out! 

I was literally crying when I saw the video. You did an amazing job!

by Akilah Clark | Co-founder Kids Fashion Week DMV

BONUS: ​Here are some BTS and test shots from the shoot.


Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we offer payment plans that last up to 3-months depending upon the overall cost of the video.
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